RAPACE Download Torrent

RapaceCountry: France Genre: satire, parable Release year: 2012 Duration: 01:32:33 Original audio track: French Description: Funny and brutal parable about the modern financial world, which are widely used to all sorts of speculation in securities, the creation of hedge funds, etc. Trader, today should be gifted, cynical, manic, and desperate to achieve their goals should not stop at nothing… This…Read more  »

THE FUTURE Download Torrent

The futureCountry: USA, Germany Genre: drama Release year: 2011 Duration: 01:30:45 Original audio track: English Description: When a couple decides to take a stray cat, their life perspective changes, literally distorting time and space and testing their faith in themselves and each other for strength. Video format: AVI Video: Xvid 624×352 23.98 fps ~932kbps Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 48000Hz…Read more  »

BIG TIME MOVIE Download Torrent

Big time movieCountry: USA Genre: Comedy, adventure Release year: 2012 Duration: 01:07:52 Original audio track: English Description: the Guys from “big Time rush” going on tour in London – his first world tour and suddenly become heroes of the real spy Thriller. At the airport their Luggage was mixed up and in the hands of the young musicians turned out…Read more  »

DER KALTE HIMMEL Download Torrent

Der kalte himmel Country: Germany Genre: drama Release year: 2011 Duration: 01:28:59 Original audio track: German description: a Simple family. Only the ambitious plans of the head of the family and the strange behavior of a young son Felix distinguish it from many of the same farming families. It’s time to go to Felix to school and start all suffering…Read more  »

TOOKEN Download Torrent

TookenCountry: USA Genre: Comedy Release year: 2015 Duration: 01:20:45 Original audio track: English Description: the Film is a parody of the franchise “taken.” The life of agent Brian Millers (Whether Tergesen) full of hardships – he lost his job at the CIA, the respect of his family, and indeed most of the family, his ex-wife plans to take a brazen…Read more  »

ORHIM LE-REGA Download Torrent

Orhim le-rega country: in Israel there is a war, and many families from civilian areas ready to shelter the victims of the attacks. Now, however, Shaul and Libby need not only to establish their own relationships, but also to ensure not to get caught in a lie. Video format: AVI Video: 720×416 Xvid 1687kbps 25fps [Video 0] Audio: MP3 48000Hz…Read more  »


Paranormal activity 3Country: USA Genre: horror, Thriller Release year: 2011 Duration: 01:24:08 Original audio track: English Description: the story takes place in 1988. In the house where lives a family with two children, start to happen strange things. Christie, one of the girls, begins to communicate with an invisible friend Toby, who settled in their house. Video format: MKV Audio…Read more  »

IRIS IN BLOOM Download Torrent

Iris in bloomCountry: France Genre: drama Release year: 2011 Duration: 01:10:25 Description: Childhood for 16-year-old iris ends when in their provincial town there is Jean, a 40-year-old photographer from Paris. Their complicated relationship is able to destroy the life of both… Extras. information: TV5MONDE DVB-S the Nomination for the “Golden camera” in the section “Two weeks Directors” at the Cannes…Read more  »

UNA NOCHE Download Torrent

Una nocheCountry: USA, Cuba, UK Genre: drama Release year: 2012 Duration: 01:30:39 Original audio track: Spanish Description: In Havana, Cuba, Raul dreams of fleeing to Miami. Charged with assault and have no other ways to salvation, he turns to his best friend Elio for help in achieving the coveted and forbidden world, located 90 miles across the ocean. He Elio…Read more  »

LILI DAVID Download Torrent

Lili davidCountry: France Genre: Comedy Release year: 2012 Duration: 01:30:07 Original audio track: French Description: Lily David for 32 years, she has a son, 12-year-old and a new boss – the current wife of her ex-husband. Work Lily is fulfillment of desires and whims of the clients You4You specializing in events of all kinds, from weddings to hunting, and heaven…Read more  »
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