THE HUNTERS Download Torrent

The huntersCountry: France, Belgium, Luxembourg Genre: horror Release year: 2011 Duration: 01:51:16 Original audio track: English Description: a Former soldier is a veteran of seynt gets a job in the police. Intrigued by the cases with frequent cases of disappearances of people in the district, it initiates its own investigation. The authorities however, strongly condemns the excessive curiosity of a…Read more  »

MONTANA Download Torrent

MontanaCountry: United Kingdom Genre: action, Thriller, drama, crime Release year: 2014 Duration: 01:48:30 Original audio track: English Description: a Former Serbian militant and fourteen-year-old guy come into the fight against the crime boss. At the time of learning the dark arts of murder, the boy learns the true meaning of friendship, honour and respect. Video format: AVI Video: 720×304 (2.37:1),…Read more  »

LE CHOIX D’ADELE Download Torrent

Le choix d’adeleCountry: France Genre: drama Release year: 2011 Duration: 01:27:59 Original audio track: French Description: for the past two years after her husband’s death, Adele devotes herself to teaching children. Somehow in the middle of the school year her class came 8-year-old Kanye from a family of Albanian refugees, which is difficult to integrate in already existing children’s community…Read more  »

HOTEL NORMANDY Download Torrent

Hotel normandyCountry: France Genre: romance, Comedy Release year: 2013 Duration: 01:27:21 Original audio track: French Description: Alice young, handsome, he likes. If she hadn’t lost her husband a few years ago, it would be possible to say that it is just a reference of a happy woman. The next friend is determined to marry her. That is why they sent…Read more  »

MOCKINGBIRD Download Torrent

MockingbirdCountry: USA Genre: Horror release Year: 2014 Duration: 01:39:56 Original audio track: English Description:Three random people have found my video camera working and post that all of them are selected to participate in a certain competition. None of the contestants did not know each other, but from that moment their lives became destined to cross in the most tragic way.…Read more  »

AMOR EN SU PUNTO Download Torrent

Amor en su puntoCountry: Ireland / Spain Genre: romantic, Comedy Release year: 2013 Duration: 01:27:32 Original audio: 1 – English, 2 – Spanish Description: Oliver Byrne is the most famous food critic Dublin. It seems, for happiness is a favorite job, money, a beautiful home and thank. But personal life is somehow not glued: all my friends run away from…Read more  »

RADIOSTARS Download Torrent

RadiostarsCountry: France Genre: Comedy, road movie Release year: 2012 Duration: 01:41:46 Original audio track: English Description: Dreaming of becoming a stand-up comedian in new York, Ben suffered a complete failure, and his personal life, too, lies in ruins. He returned to Paris, where he found a job at the radio station Blast FM. There, he met with his new colleagues…Read more  »

DEAD SHADOWS Download Torrent

Dead shadowsCountry: France Genre: horror Release year: 2012 Duration: 01:14:43 Original audio track: French Description: Eleven years ago – that day when the Earth could be seen flying comet Haley, were brutally killed Chris ‘ parents. Today is the anniversary of this terrible event, and a night sky appears again a comet, which is preparing to observe his neighbors. However,…Read more  »


Muerte en buenos airesCountry: Argentina Genre: Thriller, drama, romance, crime, mystery Release year: 2014 Duration: 01:31:52 Description: Buenos Aires, eighties. Inspector Chavez, a family man and tough COP, is in charge of a murder investigation in Buenos Aires high society. With him is agent Gomez, alias El Ganso, attractive rookie COP who becomes his right hand and used as bait…Read more  »

ESCAPE Download Torrent

EscapeCountry: USA Genre: Thriller, drama Year: 2012 Duration: 01:24:35 Description: couple of doctors, Paul and Kim, we need a radical change. Paul went ballistic after the unexplained death of their child. Kim convinces him to abandon his usual American lives and join a medical mission in Thailand. Everything went on as usual until the day until the Floor is not…Read more  »
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