THE CITIZEN Download Torrent

The citizenCountry: USA Genre: drama Release year: 2012 Duration: 01:39:38 Description: Lebanese Ibrahim Jarrah won the green Card lottery the right to become a citizen of the United States. Full of bright hope for a brighter future, he arrives in new York on 10 September 2001. And the next day the twin Towers are subjected to a terrorist attack. Now…Read more  »

LORE Download Torrent

LoreCountry: Germany, Australia, UK Genre: drama, war Release year: 2012 Duration: 01:44:50 Description: Germany. 1945. The end of the war. A group of kids embarks on a journey across devastated Germany to reach her grandmother, who lives in the North of the country, 900 miles away. The eldest, Laura was left alone with four younger brothers and sisters after their…Read more  »

1, 2, 3, VOLEURS Download Torrent

1, 2, 3, VOLEURS
1, 2, 3, voleursCountry: France Genre: crime, Thriller Release year: 2011 Duration: 01:31:34 Original audio track: French Description: Composer: Krishna levy / Krishna Levy (“8 women”). The star of the independent French cinema, Nicolas Casale in the crime Thriller with elements of Comedy about love and betrayal, hatred and friendship. The film is based on real events that occurred in…Read more  »

THE FOURTH STATE Download Torrent

The fourth stateCountry: Germany Genre: Thriller, mystery Release year: 2012 Duration: 01:57:09 Translation: Subtitles, SRT (Kirill Ivanov) Description: a film about the journalist, walking in the footsteps of a terrorist plot in Moscow and seized the Russian secret service… For obvious reasons, the film was released in Russian cinemas and unreleased on DVD and BD. Video format: AVI Video: XviD;…Read more  »

THE BRASS TEAPOT Download Torrent

The brass teapotCountry: USA Genre: fantasy, Thriller, Comedy Release year: 2012 Duration: 01:41:29 Original audio track: English Description: Admit it, everyone would like to have a magic kettle under the bed, which gives on demand cash?! But who knows, he must go through a millionaire? The rich also cry, because the teapot produces money as soon as anyone around you…Read more  »

LA JOIE DE VIVRE Download Torrent

La joie de vivreCountry: France Genre: adaptation, drama Release year: 2011 Duration: 01:24:23 Original audio track: French Description: adaptation of the novel by Emile Zola. Zola is considered one of the brightest representatives of naturalism. He wrote a series of novels, which reveal the lives of people through the “scientific” description of everything that happens person. Naturalism was conceived as…Read more  »


Lovestruck: the musicalCountry: USA Genre: Fantasy, Musical, Romantic Comedy Release year: 2013 Duration: 01:25:51 Original audio track: English Description: the Story of Harper, one of the best dancers Broadway. But a foot injury forced her to leave the stage and become a choreographer and raise a daughter, Mirabella. Mirabella is also dancing, and she is almost star and got to…Read more  »

BLIND TURN Download Torrent

Blind turnCountry: USA Genre: Thriller, drama, mystery Release year: 2012 Duration: 01:19:11 Original audio track: English Description: Night on a deserted road Samantha drives off the highway and gets into an accident. A year later the man whose life this case is involuntarily destroyed, kidnaps Samantha to teach her a hard lesson… Video format: AVIVideo: XviD, 2067 kb/s, 23,976 fps,…Read more  »

BENNIE BRAT Download Torrent

Bennie bratCountry: Netherlands Genre: family, musical Release year: 2011 Duration: 01:28:19 Original audio track: Dutch Description: Nine-year-old benny is a well – known prankster in their lands. Christmas is coming and all the children wait for gifts from St. Nicholas, and benny is waiting for his daddy gets back from his trip. But it turns out that the father will…Read more  »


Inocencia perversaCountry: USA Genre: Thriller Release year: 2012 Duration: 01:21:41 Original audio track: English Description: Emily Valentine together with his family moved into a new house, where he meets the new neighbors, which quickly blooms friendships. The more she gets close to them, avnei be a suspicion that some terrible secret hidden in the past of this family. She does…Read more  »
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