THE BRIGHT FLIGHT Download Torrent

The bright flightCountry: Italy Genre: drama, road movie Release year: 2012 Duration: 01:47:10 Original audio track: Italian Description: Children’s friendship does not divide people into races, and childish innocence sometimes pushes friends desperate things. What made Rocco to throw all prosperous in his native Italy and embark on a trek through palantinate in a remote African village with his best…Read more  »

THE KNOT Download Torrent

The knotCountry: UK Genre: romance, Comedy Release year: 2012 Duration: 01:28:09 Description: Alexander and Jeremy get married. Unfortunately, the wedding doesn’t go according to plan. But can careless best man, late bridesmaids and guests-skeptics to stop true love?Extras. information: Rip downloaded online, Russian track of the channel Kinolyuks. Video format: AVIVideo: MPEG4, XviD, 720×304 (2.35), 23.976 fps, 1 394 Kbps…Read more  »

OR NOIR Download Torrent

Or noirCountry:France, &Tunisia,Qatar Genre: drama Release year: 2011 Duration: 02:10:12 Subtitles: English Description: Events unfold a picture somewhere on the Arabian Peninsula in 30 years, about the time when there was discovered oil. In the story intertwined struggle for power, religion, oil rush and, of course, love Video format: MKV Audio 3: English: 48 kHz, AC3 Dolby Digital, 3/2 (L,C,R,l,r)…Read more  »

HILJAISUUS Download Torrent

HiljaisuusCountry: Finland Genre: drama, war Release year: 2011 Duration: 01:47:14 Original audio: Finnish Description: Three comrades – good guy Eino Luhtala, enterprising and cunning Antti Salonen and faddish Kochikame – go to work at the forwarding station, where the women volunteers involved in the preparation of dead soldiers for burial: not given bodies to freeze, and then wash them. The…Read more  »

CHIEN DE GUERRE Download Torrent

Chien de guerreCountry: France Genre: drama Release year: 2011 Duration: 01:35:10 Original audio track: French Description: Walid, Sergeant-Algerian who served as a mercenary in Afghanistan, returns to France and finds his dream to start a normal life will not come true. The film raises a serious problem of society’s attitude to the war and the people involved in it… Video…Read more  »

CITADEL Download Torrent

CitadelCountry: Ireland, UK Genre: horror, Thriller, drama Release year: 2012 Duration: 01:24:24 Original audio track: English Description: the hero of the film Tommy Cowley, a resident of Edenton, who suffers from fear of open spaces, forced to hide in the nooks of abandoned city that swept wave of crazy in essence crimes. Pursued by the gang of youngsters in the…Read more  »

ADMISSION Download Torrent

AdmissionCountry: USA Genre: drama, romance, Comedy Release year: 2013 Duration: 01:47:07 Description: Polly Nelson works in the admissions office of a prestigious University, she — arbiter of many teenagers. But how to arrange their own destiny? The emergence of the ideal man does not promises peace and quiet, on the contrary, brings into her life the many wacky situations and…Read more  »

THE VOICES Download Torrent

The voicesCountry: USA, Germany Genre: Thriller, Comedy Release year: 2014 Duration: 01:43:38 Original audio track: English Description: Worker with paranoid tendencies is involved in the accidental death of his colleague in the factory. Video format: AVI Video: DivX 5 704×304 23.98 fps 892Kbps Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 48000Hz stereo 112KbpsRead more  »

IN FEAR Download Torrent

In fearCountry: UK Genre: Thriller Release year: 2013 Duration: 01:24:53 Original audio track: English Description: Tom and Lucy recently met and decided to go out of town for the music festival. But not finding the hotel that booked the room, they got lost in the woods, the batteries in the Navigator and phone and got here late on a cold…Read more  »


Redemption streetCountry: Serbia Genre: political, Thriller Release year: 2012 Duration: 01:34:23 Description: the War ended many years ago. Dusan, a young Deputy Prosecutor for war crimes, gets his first assignment is to investigate the fate of the military group that was operating on the battlefields in Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo and who subsequently disappeared without a trace. For Dusan, this…Read more  »
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